What If There Was A Way To Make Leadership Simple And Fun?

    This simple story shares the 7 leadership laws that will get you the influence to create empowered employees, delighted customers, and the freedom you long for. 

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    How Do I Motivate And Inspire My Team?

    The Question On Everybody's Mind Right Now Is "Why won't others simply do what I ask?" After reading and applying "The Successful Thinker" they will.

    Creating a culture of independent critical thinking adults seems nearly impossible in today's fast paced, high pressure world and Cynthia was struggling to simply survive while managing her family life and maintain a decent employee satisfaction score. In fact, she was on the verge of either losing her job or going completely insane altogether.


    What was she supposed to do? The company constantly expects us to learn to do "more with less". The rules keep changing. And nobody wants to take direction anymore. Enter Otis, Cynthia's newly assigned "mentor" and subordinate. How could HE possibly help? What Cynthia doesn't know is that he has "been there" and has the answers she needs.

    Who is This Book For?​

    You're Wondering If This Will Help YOU?

    Working Mom

    Like Cynthia, you have to pass along direction from above, motivate people to action, figure out how to do 7 things at once, AND keep your family from becoming a hot mess. You can!​

    Working Dad

    You're trying to figure out how to motivate and inspire people, support a family (both emotionally & financially) AND keep from having a heart attack from the constant stress.​

    Emerging Leader

    You're new to leadership and everyone seems to question what you say and how you say it. You've got a job to do and your team won't move forward and some even promote sabotage.

    Seasoned Professional

    You are at the stage of your career where you want to have fun and enjoy the fruits of your experience, but you really struggle to relate to the philosophies of the modern era.

    Middle Manager

    You WANT to be a leader but you feel crushed in from all sides. Your boss is always riding you and your subordinates are always bucking you. Taking care of yourself is impossible.

    District Manager

    Like Cynthia, you have to lead and manage people that you don't see everyday. You're constantly on the road and catching flack from home for it, and the company doesn't understand.

    What Is In This Book?

    The Successful Thinker Is A Heart Warming And Inspiring Story Of Adversity And How To Overcome It In Today's Challenging Environment.

    Chapter 1. The Evaluation

    Chapter 2. The Ride Home

    Chapter 3. The Law Of The Contribution

    Chapter 4. The King And His Court

    Chapter 5. The Birthday Cake

    Chapter 6. The Law Of The Story

    Chapter 7. A Better Story

    Chapter 8. The Law Of The Agenda

    Chapter 9. The Teenage Drama Queen

    Chapter 10. Allen's Store

    Chapter 11. Company Policy

    Chapter 12. The Law Of The Appreciation

    Chapter 13. The Washing Machine

    Chapter 14. The Law Of The Student

    Chapter 15. The Go-Giver

    Chapter 16. The Law Of The Heart

    Chapter 17. Weaknesses

    Chapter 18. Rick's Office

    5 Ways This Book Will Improve Your Life

    #1. You Will Learn How To Make Leadership FUN!

    Cynthia marvels at Otis' attitude because she has never seen anyway actually enjoy leadership. Cynthia has a managers mind. She sees her job as forcing people to do what they don't want to do. Otis on the other hand is a visionary. He understands that leadership means helping people become better by finding ways to serve and honor them.


    #2. You Will Learn How To Make Leadership SIMPLE

    Cynthia is completely overwhelmed by her life and has to make big changes happen quickly. Let's face it. We all know how she feels. Otis shares The 7 Laws Of 21st Century Leadership which gives Cynthia an easy to follow road map for getting the most out of her people so she can focus on the areas of her life that need it most.


    #3. You Will Learn How To Maximize Your Relationships

    At the end of the day, if your relationships suck, your life sucks. The reverse is also true. Otis brings Cynthia's awareness to the things that are really matter so that she can invest her energy and her thought processes into the people she cares about without sacrificing her family to her job. Consequently, her job performance improves as well.


    #4. You Will Learn How To Do MORE BY Becoming MORE

    The old way is to try to do more with less. The new way is to do more by becoming more. What this means is that by amplifying her influence, Cynthia is able to get more accomplished trough delegation and empowerment than through trying to beat performance out of her team. Micromanagement is exhausting and ineffective. Think exponentially.


    #5. You Will Learn To RELAX And BREATHE

    The 21st Century is stressful to the degree that it is literally killing people or causing them to take their own lives. WHY? Because we have been forced into a push, push, push mentality that says: EVERYTHING IS A CRISIS. Otis shows Cynthia how to PULL with influence and FLOW with the agenda of the universe. The end result a happier, healthier YOU


    What Others Are Saying About Corey Jahnke

    "I’ve had Corey in my corner and supporting me as my success coach for over a year. It’s ridiculously amazing (and darn right scary) how he knows when I’m bluffing or when I’m too scared to make a move.He’s been able to help me remove obstacles in my path. I recommend him as the highest caliber coach available."

    Iqbal Atcha, Human Resources Expert

    "He’s one of the wisest men I’ve had the pleasure to know and learn from. Rarely have I met a person who has the people skills he possesses who can transfer those to others in such a way that so strongly takes hold. He is also a student and a teacher (Yes, I really do refer to him as, The Zen Pharmacist) of success and personal growth.

    Bob Burg, Best Selling Co-Author, "The Go-Giver"

    "I must say Corey is one of the most professional and knowledgeable coaches that I have come across. He has such enthusiasm and passion on wanting to help others become successful in their personal and professional lives. His unique program is highly talked about and recommended by myself and many others."

    Ryan Lowe, Best Selling Author

    "Corey has a heart the size of Texas! You will not meet anyone who genuinely cares about others the way he does. Corey has made it his personal mission to add value to others and he lives his life personally & professionally to that. He is an inspiration!"

    Tammy Noble, "Such an Inspiration!"

    "Corey is a teacher and coach who will challenge your thoughts about where you are and will walk with you every step of the way down the path to where you want to get to. Corey fills every interaction with caring and candor."

    Sheri Griffin, Entrepreneur

    "If you are looking for a person of high moral character to add value to your organization, Corey Jahnke is your man. Corey has tremendous content at his disposal. Corey can tailor a training or presentation to fit your unique situation."

    Dave Gambrill, Entreprenuer

    Who Is Corey Jahnke?

    Let’s face it, in the 21st Century, EVERYTHING rises and falls on leadership and our ability to motivate and inspire our teams to peak performance. I brings a one-of-a-kind approach to driving employee engagement and customer appreciation scores to unheard of levels.


    My unique programs will not only get you and your organization focused and fired up, I will generate amazing levels of excitement, optimism, and enthusiasm throughout your company that will last for years to come.


    When I think of the basket of snakes I felt like I was facing in 2008, I am so thankful that I was able to find the solutions to a modern professional’s most difficult issues: Leadership Fatigue, Professional Burnout, and Emotional Exhaustion.


    When it happened to me, it was nothing like what I had imagined.


    I was lucky. I had a great support system, and I found the answers I needed before it was too late.


    I have dedicated my life to making sure that others don’t have to struggle as I have struggled. With my help, you no longer have to let the villains win!


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